Highlights: Liverpool 1-1 Wacker Innsbruck | Origi opens pre-season with a penalty

Divock Origi netted an early goal for the Reds in their opening 30-minute pre-season friendly against the Austrian outfit in Salzburg.

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  • Karius🇩🇪

    TernyTerny3 timer siden
  • Good start for the Reds. There is no point of scoring 5-0 goal in the friendlies only to lose in the main premier league games. Keep moving up boys. The trophy is waiting.

    Mary OnyangoMary Onyango12 timer siden
  • don't be sad, wijnaldum..?? long before this without money you could develop what not many people think you are a star maker. don't buy stars?? that's something to think about

    Endras LuckyEndras LuckyDag siden
  • 🤣🗿

    Muhamad ArbainMuhamad ArbainDag siden
  • Don't sell Firmino. Buy Coutinho. Come on everybody.

    Tangeni IiputaTangeni IiputaDag siden
  • you mean Karius is back! that's a big insult

    mbu lanimbu laniDag siden
  • Highly recommend Tea Sport Live, my favorite app to stream sport show free

    Trang NguyenTrang NguyenDag siden
  • Liverpool penalty classic Liverpool 🤣🤣

    Tummons5150Tummons5150Dag siden
  • Cool

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  • Woe

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  • โอ้....คาริอุส

    วิษณุ คำมาวิษณุ คำมาDag siden
  • Ronivaldo : Ronaldo+Ronaldinho+Rivaldo

    Wasi GupitoWasi GupitoDag siden
  • Wow wasn't expecting to see Karius in goal. Think the lad needs to get in his confidence. He was good for us leading upto that unceremonious final against Madrid. I still feel he is a better back-up to Alisson than Adrian

    Akash BaraskarAkash BaraskarDag siden
  • or buy Houssam Auour , Renato Sanchez and Alvaro Morata

    one saone saDag siden
  • please buy Nicolo Barella ,Antoinne Greizmann and Jarrod Bowen

    one saone saDag siden

    Ray DharseyRay Dharsey2 dager siden
  • ja da hat liverpool nochmal glück gehabt das wir sie nicht total paniert haben

    Mister AnsonMister Anson2 dager siden
  • Karius does know he can use his hands right ...

    sledger2003sledger20032 dager siden
  • And This Year Again Against Barcelona, ATYAAB Ms Robertson.

    Manuel PerezManuel Perez2 dager siden
  • Karius you beauty nothing changed since 2018

    Sayantan DasSayantan Das2 dager siden
  • Karius and Adrian are both jokers of Liverpool, there a soft header in

    man wonderman wonder2 dager siden

  • C'mon karius , show us you deserve here

    On cracKOn cracK2 dager siden
  • omg karius ...... no...pls nooooooooooo

    koolwhatkoolwhat2 dager siden
  • Karius still thinks we're playing Madrid

    SurferWillySurferWilly2 dager siden
  • Fuckin weird seeing plastic fans come here to dunk on Karius, football fans are 50% club supporters and 50% bandwaggoners

    Jared DoyleJared Doyle2 dager siden
  • kurang memuaskan

    M FathurrohmanM Fathurrohman2 dager siden
  • Day 1

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart2 dager siden
  • I hope karius finds his feet & potentially becomes a good 2nd keeper for us. but I also hope adrian does too. can we have both 😂

    Sean NJSean NJ2 dager siden
  • While yes, preseason friendly and all, the younger, fringe players, will be learning a lot about pro football on this trip. The step up from 18s or 21s, to playing for the 1st team against other professional players, even if "only" Wacker, is a big leap. Would be nice to get at least 3-4min highlights, so we could get a better feel for how the game ebbed and flowed.

    Pato GamesPato Games2 dager siden
  • karius stil karius

    Ulfa kityUlfa kity2 dager siden

    Ricky ArdiansyahRicky Ardiansyah2 dager siden
  • is it karius?

    amar zulkarnainamar zulkarnain2 dager siden
  • Who is the goal keeper?

    jafar ferijafar feri2 dager siden
  • Karius. ….

    Soraj AsavapraphaSoraj Asavaprapha2 dager siden
  • someone tell me.. wheres thiago

    K MajorK Major2 dager siden
  • Karius being karius again. Lets in a goal and blames the defenders. I still remember him throwing the ball at benzema for the goal and blames something else.

    M GhazM Ghaz2 dager siden
  • Gordon is class

    Jonaldo PJonaldo P2 dager siden
  • Great to see the lads back

    Ivan NugentIvan Nugent2 dager siden
  • Good boys keep better

    Sirdear HaseSirdear Hase2 dager siden
  • Karius blok

    BenihiroBenihiro2 dager siden
  • Karius is the worste keeper on planet

    Anon face 2021Anon face 20212 dager siden
  • 💞💞

  • yeah wacker Innsbruck, gut gemacht, well done :-)

    Ghost WriterGhost Writer2 dager siden
  • Karius :(

    nguyễn cao đạinguyễn cao đại2 dager siden

    Ahmad NaufalAhmad Naufal2 dager siden
  • Good to see karius

    Dipan PathakDipan Pathak2 dager siden
  • Who’s gonna win in Liverpool’s first premier league game Liverpool or norwitch cause norwitch have gotten stronger

    AdamAdam2 dager siden
    • Yes your right

      AdamAdam2 dager siden
    • Norwich may have strengthened their squad but it still doesn't really compare to Liverpool's first team.

      Lizzy GunnLizzy Gunn2 dager siden
  • Liverpool will struggle this year on the looks of it..

    Mark TaylorMark Taylor2 dager siden
  • Кариус как обычно, хотя бы в фнл бы его слили, что ли

    196ratmir196ratmir2 dager siden
  • like Jesus Christ you all are worried about Karius but the club gave Adrian a contract and he actually features in the match day squads. I promise we have bigger issues to worry about than Karius

    Toni ToniToni Toni2 dager siden
  • Karius out

    Eddy SofiandiEddy Sofiandi2 dager siden
  • why is karius still at our club?

    Paint with Revz ArtPaint with Revz Art2 dager siden
  • Liverpool will face another difficult & uphill season judging from the players they fielded . I don't know and understand what the management are they doing but Liverpool is consider as 2nd tier team

    JasonJason2 dager siden
  • Karius almost pulled his hand away for the goal. Very poor yet again. We all wish him well but he should be sold to a team where he is number 1. Currently at lfc he's rightly number 4 (at best) behind Alisson, Kelleher and Adrian.

    me myselfme myself2 dager siden
  • We need to keep Karius as #2

    Is AzIs Az2 dager siden
    • @Is Az Sorry but Karius didn't only make mistakes in the UCL final. He was always making mistakes, the fact it didn't ultimately cost us shouldn't be a reason to let the mistakes go. Goalkeepers peak in their late twenties, Kelleher's age is hardly relevant. Kelleher played two EPL matches for us last season, against Wolves and Brighton. He only conceded 1 in the Brighton game (made 3 saves - two more than Sanchez) and conceded none in the Wolves (3 saves again, same as Patricio). I don't know how you can judge his EFL cup performances, especially the Aston Villa one, when you can clearly see his defense were kids. Nevermind defense, the whole team were kids. And then he had bench players and kids for the arsenal game. He's going to have bad games he's learning, but to judge him on games where the players in front of him are way out of depth is so harsh. I'd rather have a goalie that makes mistakes while learning, than someone who has mistakes ingrained into their play. Karius has been especially woeful since the UCL final and isn't even the shell of the goalie he was. I don't want to see him play a game for us ever again, even more so that has just got worse while on loan.

      Lizzy GunnLizzy GunnDag siden
    • @Lizzy Gunn lol from Xmas up until the disaster that was the CL. Karius was in fine form. Yes he's a liability at times but he's a good back up (never want him as first choice). Adrian is terrible since his initial great spurt (probably played well because all his Christmases came at once finding himself at Liverpool). Kelleher is a growing lad & I can tell you he'll not be a first teamer at LFC as he's not got it. Standing in place to make reaction saves is all good but he doesn't have the agility or ability to pull off top corner & low saves consistently when needed. That's his weakness. He's almost 23 & needs a loan out in championship or league one to develop. Like I said Grabara was way ahead of him in development. Kelleher is lucky he's found himself in the mix because Adrian was terrible last season. Two of the games Kelleher played in he conceded 5 each (10 total). The Villa game away in FA cup 5 nil they had 7 on target & our kids had 8 on target. Kelleher was poor. 5-5 Arsenal home he was better but still could've saved at least 2. He's nowhere near back up standard for us. Karius has been good & consistent albeit in short periods so he knows how to be back up if Alisson gets injured. I'd rather have him then ruin Kelleher's confidence when he gets exposed.

      Is AzIs Az2 dager siden
    • @Is Az I'd take a goalie like Kelleher who has a level head over Karius who makes howlers every game. Kelleher has great positioning, he knows where to stand which is why most the shots go at him rather than forcing him to make a save. That's called good goalkeeping. Alisson does that a lot, except Alisson also has the experience to make the world class saves. That's something Kelleher will develop, Karius is just an accident waiting to happen. It's exactly the same with Adrian, they just panic.

      Lizzy GunnLizzy Gunn2 dager siden
    • @Chris Panoutsos Karius is way better but he's too busy being an Instagram model. That's the reason why his concentration is terrible & he makes howlers like in CL final. If he puts his head down Kelleher isn't even an after thought at this moment in time. He's got potential though. So keep him as #3 & no idea why Adrian was re-signed

      Is AzIs Az2 dager siden
    • @Lizzy Gunn have you seen Kelleher making reaching saves into the corners? Yes he's made some decent saves that are right at him but I've watched him in the u23 & in the youth ranks since he first arrived. That is definitely a weakness because of his slow footwork. Kamil Grabara & him are similar age with the Pole being an overall better prospect. We only sold him because he lost his confidence at Huddersfield where he suffered a horrific head injury.

      Is AzIs Az2 dager siden
  • Karius?? 🤦‍♂️

    Jay PJay P2 dager siden
    • I know he’s so bad the guy

      Julian HillJulian Hill11 timer siden
  • 1-1 lol so trash

    Poopoo427Poopoo4272 dager siden
  • But 1‐1 it's not good enough for real

    Tinashe KuhudzaiTinashe Kuhudzai2 dager siden
  • Karius>Adrian imo

    ApplfyApplfy2 dager siden
  • Can’t believe Karius is in a Liverpool GK jersey again. Got to a stage where I thought those days were gone. Karius vs Adrian as back up... Which one gets the number 2 number 1 shirt?

    Moses RoccoMoses Rocco2 dager siden
  • panik gak panik gak.. enggak lah masa panik ini kan friendly match pertama untuk membangun fisik setelah liburan.. keep calm

    FebyCANFebyCAN2 dager siden
  • Karius is Backkkk !!!

    Ana MuttaqinAna Muttaqin2 dager siden
  • Welcome back Loris Karius😍

    RN AmiirRN Amiir2 dager siden
  • be a stronger, karius!! we love you

    Lintang RajendraLintang Rajendra2 dager siden
  • กากจริง

    Thanat DansrisukThanat Dansrisuk2 dager siden
  • Karius is shameful lol

    MarMar2 dager siden
  • well begun is half done. The future is bright

    Edwin WejuliEdwin Wejuli2 dager siden
  • Karius 😅😅😅

    M SATANM SATAN2 dager siden
  • But still love karius

    Rahmad FauziRahmad Fauzi2 dager siden
  • They must have used eldritch fishy powers.

    Rule-Of-ThreeRule-Of-Three2 dager siden
  • Liverpool nearly got Wacked

    Mr New VegasMr New Vegas2 dager siden
  • Why did the commentator sound so depressed even when liverpool scored

    London WestLondon West2 dager siden
  • Karius?

    Muhammad Farhan ZidniMuhammad Farhan Zidni2 dager siden
  • Kriuzzzzzz ไม่เวิค

    arthit rueangthawiparthit rueangthawip2 dager siden
  • Karius?? 🤣🤣🤣

    Ally KariamAlly Kariam2 dager siden
  • i see karius..i click 'like' button 😁

    Gee She KwangGee She Kwang2 dager siden
  • Taki ❤️❤️❤️

    Reius SiaReius Sia2 dager siden
  • And there was karius

    Hkrrad KunHkrrad Kun2 dager siden
  • Was that KARIUS I saw at the end off the vid!!!

    Mr.peanutMr.peanut2 dager siden
  • C’mon Taki.

    あ2 dager siden
  • Alisson would have prevented that goal easily

    Ronny NielsenRonny Nielsen2 dager siden
  • Taki you the best

    polo marcopolo marco2 dager siden
  • why is karius there lmao

    Marko SanMarko San2 dager siden
  • If wackers innsbuck playing seriously he can beat liverpool easily

    mif.mif.2 dager siden
  • Karius and Origi playing, i like this.

    Fábio FussballFábio Fussball2 dager siden
  • Tough season ahead let's not look at other clubs spending money.. Instead let us remind ourselves about the world class talents within our squad YNWA

    Sam SektakSam Sektak2 dager siden
  • คาริอุสเข้าง่ายจัง

    Panda ChannelPanda Channel2 dager siden
  • Origi=supersub /game changer

    Beast LifeBeast Life2 dager siden
  • It's a 30 min game right? Why people are worried lol

    Tokyo8Tokyo82 dager siden
  • wait I didn't know that karius is back

    ーオsohoーオsoho2 dager siden
  • watching Karius conceding that goal is like a failed Fifa EA sports programming / bug!!

    Chris LimChris Lim2 dager siden
  • Good warm-up match to build up the confident of the player especially the young one....team like innsbruck is good team and stuttgart also great team yeah what a match and stay fit

    SyNc TGSyNc TG2 dager siden
  • just a little kick about

    Turner WelbornTurner Welborn2 dager siden
  • Why is this free to watch on you tube, but premium access only on LFCTVGO?

    Agunzi LFCAgunzi LFC2 dager siden
  • Welcome back karius...😄💪

    Khairi AripKhairi Arip2 dager siden
  • LOL Karius

    Achmad FahimAchmad Fahim2 dager siden