Hilarious behind the scenes on media day | Van Dijk's tribute, gif-making & Robbo causes chaos

Go behind the scenes with Liverpool's players at the AXA Training Centre as they undertake their media activities for the new season, with Mo Salah performing mic drops, Virgil van Dijk's tribute for Joel Matip and Andy Robertson causing chaos.

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  • This has made my day!!

    The LightThe Light12 timer siden
  • Please @LiverpoolFC put those Joel shirts up on your website... I would pay good money for that shirt

    Dlamini DlaminiDlamini Dlamini2 dager siden
  • Damn, liverpool’s dentist department needs a higher paygrade

    chronosjustchronosjust2 dager siden
  • Vandijk ❣️❣️❣️

    Sandeep SastriSandeep Sastri3 dager siden
  • Curtis sill finally be done on fifa22

    Carlito BriganteCarlito Brigante3 dager siden
  • "If it's perfect, why one more? " -Robbo wkwkwk,

    Keluarga KimiaKeluarga Kimia3 dager siden
  • Robo:yayayayya

  • Love u virgil lol ur so kind as a player u luv y

  • Man This is so Heartwarming and Adorable 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Tex JonathanTex Jonathan4 dager siden
  • Hey vvd you know 5 ballon dor

    Abbay RaysalAbbay Raysal4 dager siden
  • good to see big virg back... welcome back man, it's been a while since you played for the club after that horrific injury. trust me we are going to look good next season if we keep on working harder inshallah.

    Amaan muneeb DeanAmaan muneeb Dean5 dager siden
  • Mo’s turning Scouse 😂👏🏼

    Drew GriffithsDrew Griffiths6 dager siden
  • ynwa🔥❤💥💖

    AlirezaAlireza6 dager siden
  • 8:33 chubefufifee tf

    CJCJ7 dager siden
  • ...

    ภัทรวรรณ เขียวน้อยภัทรวรรณ เขียวน้อย7 dager siden

  • โคตรเท่จระเข้ฟาดหาง🐊🐊

  • I`m dreaming of having this cute Liv shirt, but I could not afford it! most of YOU may be what I am saying is so simple for you, but I`m not joking

    Aliyi M.Aliyi M.7 dager siden
  • wow.. perfect shooting.. amazing tech..

    Sid AirillSid Airill7 dager siden
  • Big Virg is such a vibe. The way he hypes Joel is incredible

    Olumide OluwafemiOlumide Oluwafemi7 dager siden
  • So proud seeing you guys in ur happiest moment

    Andy ElenduAndy Elendu7 dager siden
  • Andy Robertson is the bridge between Scotland and England

    BabatundeBabatunde8 dager siden
  • 10:23 Best Part😂🤣

    box FIGHTbox FIGHT8 dager siden
  • If we are talk about Hillarious, My Favorite is ROBBO😂🤣❤️👍

    box FIGHTbox FIGHT8 dager siden
  • Robbo "Where's ma next station?" 😂😂

    PackoCards WATPPackoCards WATP8 dager siden
  • behind the greatest virgil van dijk there is the mighty joel matip.

    Braindead MetalheadBraindead Metalhead9 dager siden
  • the background music🔥

    Robert ThukuRobert Thuku9 dager siden
  • Robbo.... giant personality.

    Kk JjKk Jj9 dager siden
  • Robbo is hyperactive guy neither in field or outside 😂


    AKU LOBAAKU LOBA9 dager siden
  • the beast is back (VVD)

    Alex KaevAlex Kaev9 dager siden
  • Virgil is top shelf of the highest tier

    Drew RankinDrew Rankin9 dager siden
  • Van Dijk our future KAPITAN... 😍💪💪

    Udeen AdamarUdeen Adamar9 dager siden
  • Didn’t realise we still got Naby lad.

    da Jaguarda Jaguar10 dager siden
  • please add subtitles in Russian

    Саня ПачковськийСаня Пачковський10 dager siden
  • Robbo is Chaos

    SDPSSDPS10 dager siden
  • I want to be in the academy for liverpool but I live to far from England

    Amahle JwaraAmahle Jwara10 dager siden
  • I fucking love my club

    virgil vanvirgil van10 dager siden
  • The boys are back. Let's GO!!! 21/22season YNWA, 💯

    Byron WilliamsByron Williams11 dager siden
  • Love mo salah

    Acoi 91Acoi 9111 dager siden
  • 14:30 mo the scouser

    Khairul WanKhairul Wan11 dager siden
  • 😍

  • 13:47 beast entry 🔥🔥🔥

    Omer ShahzadOmer Shahzad12 dager siden
  • Cant wait vvd😭

    Fikri ZhorifFikri Zhorif13 dager siden
  • Tell me about the coconut, Joel

    Shah MashShah Mash13 dager siden
  • There is something wrong with Virgil.🤣

    General AyazGeneral Ayaz13 dager siden
  • I,m Egyptian

    alisu777alisu77713 dager siden
  • virgil is so attached to matip i love it

    dte_yxng13dte_yxng1313 dager siden
  • YNWA forever. Love you guys. Always stay so happy😊👍

    Fouzia SoekerFouzia Soeker13 dager siden
  • I miss Liverpool so bad

    cocobana29cocobana2914 dager siden
  • ايوة بقى يا صلاح

    FARIS F09FARIS F0914 dager siden
  • LFC tv don't need script writing if they plan on making a TV show. The boys are a natural.Mann...I could watch seasons after seasons. Our boys got the Fayah!!

    ZimboLimboZimboLimbo15 dager siden
  • I wanna see TAKI

    ナギサ キヨミズナギサ キヨミズ15 dager siden
  • I’ve been to ANFEILD when LFC played home against bournamith in 2018 I wish I met the whole LFC team I’m a really big supporter I love LFC

    MGB Raz-GuyMGB Raz-Guy15 dager siden
  • Big Virg is all charisma 💪🏻

    Abdul-Rahman RadwanAbdul-Rahman Radwan15 dager siden
  • Reds

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart15 dager siden
  • Wow.. Thah popcorn must be REALLY good..

    Ruzaini RosliRuzaini Rosli15 dager siden
  • Virgil one of the most or the funniest LFC player

    TK BallerTK Baller15 dager siden
  • Happy birthday to Virgil van dijk. You is my Football Hero.

    Saratha ManiamSaratha Maniam15 dager siden
  • We need the blooper shots too. Come on guys.

    Essvari AIEssvari AI19 dager siden
  • The fascinated rooster cumulatively fool because forgery cumulatively regret a a thin cover. willing, jolly chronometer

    Milton HarperMilton Harper19 dager siden
  • Feel sorry and embarrassed for the guys having to wear that hideous kit!

    jon allenjon allen19 dager siden
  • Robbo seems like a cool dude

    Takunda ChapisaTakunda Chapisa19 dager siden
  • We need the 2019s Liverpool back

    A LunaticA Lunatic19 dager siden
  • Give Joel the meme role😂 also Milner should’ve had a book rather than popcorn. Robbo looks crazy! He should use them wide eyes on any winger coming at him, they’ll run away😂

    MazdaManDanMazdaManDan20 dager siden
  • The tart fog substantively drum because handsaw sequently tumble beside a upbeat handball. purring, charming purchase

    ced edced ed20 dager siden
  • MO SALAH ❤❤❤❤

    ٍِSa MahٍِSa Mah21 dag siden
  • Almost everyone loving that popcorn I wanna try some of this mystery popcorn now man.

    Jack WeaverJack Weaver21 dag siden
  • 10:19 Caralhooo

    Um cara qualquerUm cara qualquer21 dag siden
  • Virgil is a beast, great to see him looking so good! Let’s hope for an injury free season for all these guys, and the Premier League is coming back to Anfield! YNWA 🥇🥇🥇

    R GR G21 dag siden
  • Up the reds

    Kaz BerryKaz Berry21 dag siden
  • I love liverpool i have sean you at the train station when i was a baby and i got a picture with you love from francis

    Kaz BerryKaz Berry21 dag siden
  • Robbo is such a character 😂

    Sindisiwe AngelosSindisiwe Angelos22 dager siden
  • Oh my god....Virgil has just written and performed an SNL sketch! Get Lorne Michael on the line! "I love the man. He's beautiful. What a man. A legend. He could be a model. The height? I love the man. He's a legend." That was funny AF! Go Virg!

    Lover DudleyLover Dudley22 dager siden
  • 😂

    RAZN 07RAZN 0722 dager siden
  • Love you all guys lol

    GaemPol SummerGaemPol Summer23 dager siden
  • Gustavus AdolphusGustavus Adolphus23 dager siden
  • Virgil is back I don't think so

    DR. GAMERDR. GAMER24 dager siden
  • my team my club

    helen raybouldhelen raybould25 dager siden
  • They are making MATIP do things do he doesn't like doing just for a laugh 😂👍

  • Matip is like the guy at work who always ducks on mon mornin and still has a job

    Boy RacerBoy Racer26 dager siden
  • Hope ox starts getting more game time

    Blarkkeys!Blarkkeys!26 dager siden
  • Rei avobe verbo severji

    TAFMIL FFTAFMIL FF27 dager siden
  • Awesome!

    Karim Mc'coyKarim Mc'coy27 dager siden
  • You’ll never walk alone you red

    Joshua ParkesJoshua Parkes27 dager siden
  • Chibre Robbo bawal dewa chara kono kaj nei ? Milu gaNr vangbe tor.

    Sayandip GhatakSayandip Ghatak28 dager siden
  • this video is literally free serotonin

    shreesthishreesthi29 dager siden
  • this team brings me immense amounts of happiness on and off the pitch😌

    shreesthishreesthi29 dager siden
  • im an celtic fan and i just watch these because its so good to see the players act like humans! always good to see our virgil doing good again!

    Milo CoyleMilo Coyle29 dager siden
  • Pls who can tell me the minute for salah's photo shoot

    isaac florenceisaac florenceMåned siden
  • robo kills me

    wtf bonkerswtf bonkersMåned siden
  • Interested in how Virgil is progressing

    tom talleytom talleyMåned siden
  • Where do you think Takumi Minamino🇯🇵 will play this season?

    Leo xonLeo xonMåned siden
  • 10:16 555Robbo

  • THE REDS 💪❤️

    matimatiMåned siden
  • Ha

    nilanthi paldanonilanthi paldanoMåned siden
  • Absolutely loved that💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕so funny…..sooooooo missing them all, roll on next season, can’t wait.

    Patricia MattockPatricia MattockMåned siden
  • Utter Chaos.

    mara sweeneymara sweeneyMåned siden
  • thus is a really good squad .. can't wait for all of them to be fit

    Neo MobangoNeo MobangoMåned siden
  • I miss these guys for sure

    Angga NugrahaAngga NugrahaMåned siden