Matchday Live: Liverpool vs Wacker Innsbruck & VfB Stuttgart | Build-up to two games in Austria

Watch all the build-up as the Reds begin their pre-season campaign, with fixtures against FC Wacker Innsbruck \u0026 VfB Stuttgart.

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  • don't be sad, wijnaldum..?? long before this without money you could develop what not many people think you are a star maker. don't buy stars?? that's something to think about

    Endras LuckyEndras Lucky22 timer siden
  • Don't sell Firmino. Buy Coutinho. Come on everybody.

    Tangeni IiputaTangeni IiputaDag siden
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone!

    Lee EnfieldLee Enfield2 dager siden
  • Yes sir

    Matthew du SartMatthew du Sart2 dager siden
  • Here we go # FHG GETS OUT

    Ewan AlframEwan Alfram2 dager siden
  • Barca

    SunriseSunrise2 dager siden
  • I don't see a forward coming in to compete with Bobby, apparently Oxland Chamberlain is like a new signing which happens every year since we signed him coming back from injury they always call him the new signing. Seems like they relying on him to challenge Firmino upfront that's horrific news. Ox is a unbelievable player on his day but to play him as the second choice false 9 is a big call and risk injury wise. United signing Sancho, Leicester Daka, and we still relying on the same front 3 players for 4 years now. Mane and Firmino must improve or if no improvement January we must sign a forward. Jota is exceptional but his not a natural number 9. YNWA

    kyle colemankyle coleman2 dager siden
  • Need to see Harvey getting more minutes this season. Had a killer season on loan with Rovers.

    Layth BarzangiLayth Barzangi2 dager siden
  • LFC

    YungChappLiveYungChappLive2 dager siden
  • My first team regular (right to left): Alisson Trent Matip Virgil Robertson Oxlade Fabinho Keita Salah Firmino Mane Back-Up (for domestic cup matches, ie FA and League cup) Gomez Konate Davies Tsimikas Henderson Thiago Milner Elliot Origi Jota Areas for concern: - GK: we need someone good enough as understudy to alisson - Defense: young defenders (neco, rhys, nat for example) need to be sent on loan with option to recall in case of injuries - Midfield: Aging midfielders, and probably we need 1 star signing in this position - Forward: Aging Forwards, with sub-standard (or unproven) back-ups

    flntheo520flntheo5202 dager siden
    • I feel if we put hendo, fabinho, and Thiago in the same midfield set up (in klopp’s preferred 433), we’ll lose the dynamics linking up to the attackers as these players are aging and can’t cover many parts of the midfield anymore. Keita is a class player when he’s fit, same goes with oxlade. Once they get the rhythm (hopefully without further injuries), I’m sure our midfield will be unstoppable. Buying a star midfielder such as saul, Tielemans, or rice will bring assurance though, but we need to assess the preparedness of our talented youngsters for the first team too, as there are so many great young talents progressing in the academy..

      flntheo520flntheo5202 dager siden
    • @flntheo520 Keita is injury prone and konate over matip. Hendo can’t go on the bench neither can Thiago

      UncleUncle2 dager siden
    • Oxlade and keita still have a lot to offer in my opinion, while matip makes great partnership with van dijk, it’s a proven defense combination: trent matip virgil robertson, and with their age they should be at peak performance as well. Sure we will look into individual’s form as the season progresses

      flntheo520flntheo5202 dager siden
    • You’re midfield is wrong and no matip

      UncleUncle2 dager siden
  • I would like to see Nat, Konate and Vandyk defending for us !

    Cox CornCox Corn2 dager siden
  • Ynwa ❤️

    Elnur QaziyevElnur Qaziyev2 dager siden
  • They drew both 30mins 'games' 1-1

    BFB-DanceySteveBFB-DanceySteve3 dager siden
  • This comment is the boy Darshinee and my name is Neelesh.

    Darshinee BeeharryDarshinee Beeharry3 dager siden
  • liverpool is king of world and I like liverpool and liverpool is the best team of worldand I like Trent-Alexandre Arnold.

    Darshinee BeeharryDarshinee Beeharry3 dager siden
  • My home ❤️YNWA

    alex66lfcalex66lfc3 dager siden
  • Those guys did a great work big uo

    Robert MahoRobert Maho3 dager siden

    bergstrom oliverbergstrom oliver3 dager siden
  • лучше

    Ruslan NazarovRuslan Nazarov3 dager siden
  • can’t wait to see SILAAAAAAAAAAS vs my team

    Ollie OwenOllie Owen3 dager siden
    • Don’t think he did tbh :(

      Ollie OwenOllie OwenDag siden
    • @:I yeah he did

      Wayde Is Very BoredWayde Is Very Bored2 dager siden
    • Didn’t play

      :I:I3 dager siden
  • i thought i was going to see the games live ..Thats crazg

    Jurgen WitbeenJurgen Witbeen3 dager siden
  • Love my Team, great content.

    Zeus Saint-knightZeus Saint-knight3 dager siden
  • Liverpool let’s go 🔥🔥🔥

    Fair BallFair Ball3 dager siden
  • Kinda sad seeing Nat talk about being back with his 'footballing family' with him probably leaving, but if he's goes (and let's face it, he really should) I'll be glad if it's Brighton. I was born there and support them as well as Liverpool, so I'll happily cheer him on there.

    Fauxie Dao JiaFauxie Dao Jia3 dager siden
  • hello liverpool i have a message for MR. klopp please pin it and send to mr. klopp hello. im persian. we are not happy in iran and we dont have enough water to drink and only think that make us happy is football you have many fans in iran. our persian players(mahdi taremi_sardar azmoun) they are the best players in iran. taremi scored tge best goal in 2020_2021 champions league and sardar azmoun named the best player in zenit and russia league. can you please buy one of them because it is our ptoud to see a persian plays in our favorite team please pin it livepool channel

    Nima norouzzadehNima norouzzadeh3 dager siden
    • @BFB-DanceySteve the best goal in champions league isnt a good player hmmm?

      Nima norouzzadehNima norouzzadeh3 dager siden
    • @BFB-DanceySteve 😒

      Nima norouzzadehNima norouzzadeh3 dager siden
    • Not good enough for Liverpool. And Klopp doesn't buy players based on NOcds comments. 😂

      BFB-DanceySteveBFB-DanceySteve3 dager siden
    • please like this to liverpool see this

      Nima norouzzadehNima norouzzadeh3 dager siden
  • Philips definitely better than konaté...will be poor of lfc to let him go and be replaced by Konaté

    El PistoleroEl Pistolero3 dager siden
  • If there comes a breaking news, Keita 6years renewal comtract, then I’d better commit suicide.

    Chandler RaymondChandler Raymond3 dager siden
  • Acabou jogo?

    Albergues B AQUINOAlbergues B AQUINO3 dager siden
  • Ross is Parl Plikington to Chris’ stephen merchant. Paul maybe needs to work on his Gervais game tho

    Cameron Clark Carlton TVCameron Clark Carlton TV3 dager siden
    • ?

      BFB-DanceySteveBFB-DanceySteve3 dager siden
  • SAVE Henderson

    POPzPOPz3 dager siden
  • let's believe we can and we're halfway there

    Edwin WejuliEdwin Wejuli3 dager siden
  • Guys the link is bugged and it won't start evethough my sub is active pls

    George AntonovGeorge Antonov3 dager siden
  • Hendo must retire at Anfield

    A YousefA Yousef3 dager siden
    • Nah

      Graham Ste RGraham Ste R3 dager siden
  • 🥂

    Amiir OfficialAmiir Official3 dager siden
  • Why cant they give Hendo a player/coach contract?

    Cameron Clark Carlton TVCameron Clark Carlton TV3 dager siden
  • Am anyone tell me what channel it on

    jboss9000jboss90003 dager siden
    • Everton TV

      BFB-DanceySteveBFB-DanceySteve3 dager siden
    • It’s on lfc tv

      Graham Ste RGraham Ste R3 dager siden
  • Where we can watch live?

    Haikal PilusHaikal Pilus3 dager siden
  • YNWA❤️

    zNerdcityzNerdcity3 dager siden
  • Which channel from Malaysia

    Thama YanthiThama Yanthi3 dager siden
  • Is the match live right now

    Amr FaragAmr Farag3 dager siden
  • Lizard PogoLizard Pogo3 dager siden
    • Lizard PogoLizard Pogo3 dager siden
  • Ngak Bisa Bahasa Inggris😭😭

    aoi_yuuta67aoi_yuuta673 dager siden
  • What time kick-off

    Patep NananPatep Nanan3 dager siden
  • Watching the game. Keep wondering why we kept Origi so long. His passing and link up play is poor

    CrystalCrystal3 dager siden
    • @Willy Finest i commented after his goals lol it was a pen .

      Peter JamesPeter James2 dager siden
    • Average

      Graham Ste RGraham Ste R3 dager siden
    • Remember Origi is a legeñd

      Willy FinestWilly Finest3 dager siden
    • You think you know better that the coach?

      Willy FinestWilly Finest3 dager siden
    • For your he has scored Liverpool first goal hahah.

      Willy FinestWilly Finest3 dager siden
  • 😍🥰YNWA🔥

    Robert saintlyRobert saintly3 dager siden
  • Go Reds go ❤️

    MarC MMarC M3 dager siden
  • Taki!!!♡

    妖怪妖怪3 dager siden
  • Liverpooooooool 😍❤

    Mohammed BourhilMohammed Bourhil3 dager siden
  • Pope and Joe Biden also apparently holograms 😹

    Cameron Clark Carlton TVCameron Clark Carlton TV3 dager siden
  • YoullNeverWalkAlone

    Batyr TolkynbayevBatyr Tolkynbayev3 dager siden
  • Where is the live?

    DaddyDaddy3 dager siden
  • 2122GOFREE

    DOOM DAYYDOOM DAYY3 dager siden
  • YNWA 👍

  • Can’t wait to see virg play again 😍

    sxberzsxberz3 dager siden
    • dir ehendirt when will he be playing?

      KtM Demos YTKtM Demos YT3 dager siden
    • He will not play today

      ayle her sey dirayle her sey dir3 dager siden
  • Come on🔥💪

    Mixster06Mixster063 dager siden
  • You not gonna live stream a practice match?

    Brandz SZNBrandz SZN3 dager siden
    • @Graham Ste R oh alright

      Brandz SZNBrandz SZN2 dager siden
    • @Brandz SZN exactly what u said

      Graham Ste RGraham Ste R2 dager siden
    • @Graham Ste R wdym joke isn’t?

      Brandz SZNBrandz SZN2 dager siden
    • Joke isn’t

      Graham Ste RGraham Ste R3 dager siden
  • I love Liverpool

    Balarina KharbuliBalarina Kharbuli3 dager siden
  • So we can't watch a practice match for free?

    Mikhail JordanovMikhail Jordanov3 dager siden
    • It's 30mins long

      BFB-DanceySteveBFB-DanceySteve3 dager siden
    • Can't🤓

      shanoop VMshanoop VM3 dager siden
    • Ikr

      Brandz SZNBrandz SZN3 dager siden
  • When starts the match

    CorCor3 dager siden
  • YNWA🔴🔴🔴 groetjes aan virgil🇳🇱🥂

    THYMENTHYMEN3 dager siden
  • 한국인 없냐

    이르차베이이르이르차베이이르3 dager siden
    • 뭐냐

      김현우김현우3 dager siden
    • 있음

      김현우김현우3 dager siden
  • Looking forward to seeing Konaté (the beast)

    Mike oxlongMike oxlong3 dager siden
  • 15

    Quang ThiênQuang Thiên3 dager siden
  • Shiuuuuuu

    Armaan HussainArmaan Hussain3 dager siden
  • First

    Cadnan MrCadnan Mr3 dager siden
  • Go go go

    Nagiyma ToreniyazovaNagiyma Toreniyazova3 dager siden
  • When is the game?

    CuvaCuva3 dager siden
  • Well🤣

    Prince Bempah OseiPrince Bempah Osei3 dager siden
  • Amin love with Liverpool

    Sema JamalSema Jamal3 dager siden
  • 3rd

    Rosyimah HanafiRosyimah Hanafi3 dager siden
  • สายลม รวดเร็วสายลม รวดเร็ว3 dager siden
  • 3rd

    gbodz 123gbodz 1233 dager siden
  • Third

    Yoghurt PowerYoghurt Power3 dager siden
    • 😂 You first

      Nagiyma ToreniyazovaNagiyma Toreniyazova3 dager siden
  • 3rd

    For OtherstuffFor Otherstuff3 dager siden
  • When does the game start?

    BillBill3 dager siden
    • @UCOv0-jrhfCtaQ_kywvZiNMQ Yes, today

      70SSaM HaSSaN70SSaM HaSSaN3 dager siden
    • @UCOv0-jrhfCtaQ_kywvZiNMQ Yes, today

      70SSaM HaSSaN70SSaM HaSSaN3 dager siden
    • 5:15

      Dylan fox123123Dylan fox1231233 dager siden
  • Lfc

    Mario AlmMario Alm3 dager siden

    Menna AllyMenna Ally3 dager siden
    • Helooww, you'll never walk alone bro YNWA

      Alang Kibar AmarullahAlang Kibar Amarullah2 dager siden
    • You'll walk never alone

      Knocc OutKnocc Out3 dager siden
    • YNWA bro, not YWNA 🤣😂

      Alang Kibar AmarullahAlang Kibar Amarullah3 dager siden
  • Second

    Messi is the Goat🐐Messi is the Goat🐐3 dager siden
  • 1st

    Bilal KhanBilal Khan3 dager siden